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San Diego Coastal Cities

As a business rooted in San Diego, we pay homage to San Diego with an overview of the coastal cities. If you are relocating, moving locally, give us a call. We help move San Diego with packing, moving, delivery or short and long term storage solutions.


San Diego is one of the cities in the United States of America with the highest population, and the influx of people into this city seems to be increasing exponentially by the year. This can be attributed to the healthy economy, fantastic weather, good quality of life, and abundance of recreational spots. San Diego is home to many well-known tourist destinations and attractions as well as the all-year-long warm, sunny weather. San Diego attracts both visitors and those who are looking for a city bustling with activities to make their home. From the San Diego beaches, Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo to San Diego Comic-Con, this is one city that you should visit in a lifetime.

Living in San Diego or one of San Diego Coastal cities has many perks, one of which is the proximity to the sparkling Pacific Ocean waters. If you would love to experience regular life close to the waters, you will more than likely enjoy living in any one of these San Diego Coastal Cities. Check them out below;

  1. DEL MAR 

Apart from being one of the San Diego coastal cities that keeps attracting tourists, visitors and new residents, Del Mar is home to Del Mar Races and San Diego County Fair. Del Mar has attractive beaches, sprawling beautiful homes and lots of activities. It is a top tourist spot with beautiful hotels and resorts scattered all over the place. Good food is not scarce either in this coastal city win the presence of Saturday farmer’s market where you can get all types of farm produce/fresh food, seafood, etc.


Carlsbad is a San Diego coastal city with a strong reputation for surfing. The city has also now evolved into a bustling food and drink scene with tons of restaurants all over the city. Carlsbad is home to Burgeon Beer Co. which is a brewery and a sushi and sashimi spot called The Land & Water Company.

Cafe Topes is a renowned spot for the best pancakes and cinnamon rolls. If you want to enjoy some ice cream, coffee, barbecue, and cocktails with your family, Park 101 is a family-friendly food court. It also offers games on the ground floor such as Cornhole. Prayer Bros is a bread bakery that makes its bread using old methods (without using yeast). It’s flagship outlet offer coffee and sandwiches. Excellent coffee is available at Steady State Roasting where residents are treated to delicious cups of espresso blends while offering the equipment to make it at home if you wish to. Other sites of attraction in Carlsbad include the Museum of Making Music where ancient musical instruments and exhibits are put on display.


Encinitas is a coastal city located in North County San Diego, and it is about 23 miles away from downtown San Diego. From downtown San Diego to Encinitas, it will take 25 minutes to drive there on a traffic-free road. Encinitas is a completely dreamy place to live, and there are many reasons why it is a great palace to move to.

Encinitas is close to a lot of beaches, and for anyone who would like to live in a Coastal city for the beaches, Encinitas is just the perfect location. Some of the beaches in Encinitas include Grandview, Pipes, Swami’s Beacon’s, Cardiff and many more. Apart from the presence of these beaches, surrounding these beaches are gorgeous rocks and cliffs. The beaches in Encinitas are also not crowded like these ones in San Diego, which means you can enjoy some quiet while on any of the beaches. Encinitas is also a physically active community with its residents taking their fitness routines seriously. They go out very early in the morning around coffee shops, cafes and gyms already prepared to kick off the day.


Oceanside is one of the coastal cities in San Diego and is located at about 35 miles north of San Diego. It is a great location where people enjoy participating in sports like scuba diving, whale watching excursions, jet skiing, canoeing, and a variety of water sports.

Oceanside is home to Mission San Luis Rey de Francia which is a national landmark located in the San Luis Rey Valley. This city is a great city to live in as it is full of fun activities and events. Thursday evenings, for example, is when the Sunset Market street fair holds. Thursdays are also for shopping for fresh farm produce at the Farmer’s Market. Oceanside is one of the San Diego coastal cities to settle down if you really want to live in one of San Diego Coastal cities. It has high standard schools, excellent healthcare facilities, restaurants in abundance, golf courses, art, museums, convenient transportation options, outdoor activities, and affordable neighborhoods.


The numerous Oceanside attractions in San Diego besides the restaurants and pristine beaches can easily become something that you will find difficult to stay away from. From Hillcrest to Little Italy, you are sure to find somewhere you can grab a bite. Little Italy hosts events like the Little Italy Fiesta and the Little Italy Mercato. There are lots of many other things to do in San Diego, but you can be sure of one thing; you will be living your best life in one of the best parts of California.


If you are adventurous, looking for a way to live it up in one of these San Diego Coastal cities, any of the above-described cities will be a great place to move to. Whether it is for business or residential or even retirement, there is so much to do in these cities. Various activities, tourist attraction sites, good for are a few of the things that residents stand to enjoy in these cities. So, when scheduling your next move and you are trying to figure out where you are moving to before you hire a mover, one of these cities could be a great option.

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