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Need More Storage Space?

The reasons for needing storage vary. Long term, short term, pick up and delivery is what you are looking for, make it fast, simple, safe and secure.

Our private storage is a state of the art storage facility, a safe, secure and well monitored storage facility serving San Diego. Our ready to move in, storage unit options vary  in  sizes, from 5’X5’ to 10’X 30’.

Call for a quote on how to arrange  pickup, delivery, packing and moving your property to storage.

Call, and we will dispatch a team member to help you determine the size of storage needed, if you need packing assistance, affordable storage options, and details of the delivery of your property.

The moving project coordinator, team member will present you with a quote, an assessment of storage size needed, what packing and moving materials will be needed and help you with any custom or specialized storage solutions.

Call Moving Company Oceanside

We offer vacant, clean storage units and affordable rates. Your property will be stored at our private, secure, 24 hour security monitoring facility serving Oceanside and San Diego proper.

We strive to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. We provide:

  1. Private, secure, monitored storage facility
  2. A variety of clean, well maintained unit sizes
  3. All packing materials available for small fragile items to pianos and art work. (Eco Friendly Paper Padding Moving Materials)
  4. Storage units with climate control available
  5. Help with any aspect of a move, from packing, storage and moving local or long distance
  6. Rent ready storage units
  7. State of the art storage facility

Your Items In Storage:

  • All items with packing and moving materials will remain on your property to prevent dust issue during storage. They will remain in the padded blankets to prevent items from getting dusty and to prevent items from damaging other other items in the storage. We use blankets  as floor and wall padding protection.
  • Affordable storage payment options with no deposit required.
  • Our private storage property is closely monitored 24/7.
  • All storage units are protected from the weather.

When you are ready to have us deliver your stored items, simple call to schedule. We will deliver and account for all items in storage using the itemization list.

Eco Friendly Moving Materials:

We use paper padding on your furniture instead with our storage units. Paper padding is recyclable and it left with the customer after the move is completed.