Long Distance Moving Tips

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Long Distance Moving Tips

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A long-distance move is a major event that should never be taken lightly. If you want a smooth move, you are better off hiring a long-distance mover. However, before you hire a mover, there are some tips you need to keep in mind that will help you make your move less stressful and smooth.

  1. Do not fail to plan.

Contact moving companies closest to you about three months ahead of your scheduled date. Summertime is usually a busy period for long-distance movers; so, avoid the last-minute rush by planning ahead. Planning will also help you make sure everything that you need is in place before your move.

  1. Research

Moving companies are not the same, and this is why you have to carry out some research so that you do not end up picking the wrong company. Carry out some research to see their past performances and what customers are saying about them. Check out credible review websites like Yelp and Better Business Bureau. Also, check out the moving van line the company is using if it is a long-distance move. You want to make sure that the moving crew are well-trained and has the required expertise to execute your move hitch-free.

  1. Get In-Home Moving Estimates

The best movers in San Diego are the ones who offer free in-home moving estimates so that you can get an accurate quote for what it will cost you to move all your things. The local moving company will come down to your home to check out your things and give you the exact cost of moving all those things. In-home moving estimates also allow you to know what type of long-distance mover you are about to hire.

If a moving company is hesitant about giving you in-home moving estimates, you should cross them off your list of moving companies. You do not want to fall a victim of hidden costs and end up paying more than you expect.

  1. Downsize

The costs of long-distance moves are usually quoted based on how heavy your items are. The more things you have to move, the more you will be asked to pay. For this reason, take time to turn your home over and decide on what you are keeping and what you are not. Get rid of the things that you will not need in your new home by giving them out or holding a garage sale.

  1. Picture the arrangement of your furniture in the new home

Plan how you want to arrange your furniture ahead so that you can see how well they will fit in. If it helps, take measurements of the new home so that you do not get into a situation where the new home will be too small to accommodate your furniture. If there will be no space for any of your things, find a way to get rid of it before your move date. Also, check if the doorway or stairway of the new home will allow free passage of your furniture. You need to be sure whether you will need to order for new furniture ahead of your move.

  1. Label your boxes

Whether you choose to pack your things by yourself or you hire a mover, standard practice is to label your boxes with the items inside them. On each box, write the name of the content of the box on the label and what room the box will go into. Label the content that should go into the master bedroom with “Master bedroom.” This will make things easier when unpacking and your long-distance movers can start the process of unpacking as soon as they arrive at the new location.

  1. Know your rights

You should find out all you can about the responsibilities of the long-distance moving company you choose to work with and what you are obligated to do as well as what you are not. You should also learn about valuations in relation to cases of lost or damaged items in transit and how much the company is required by law to compensate you with. Make sure you ask your long-distance mover upfront about the type of valuation coverage they are offering. Full valuation protection requires that the mover replaces or repairs any lost or damaged item during transportation. Know what you are getting from a long-distance moving company before hiring them.

  1. Schedule your move date for the off-season

Summer is never a good time to move as it has higher cost implications for you because moving companies are usually booked during summer, so they increase their rates. If you are flexible with your moving date, you can choose a date during the offseason to save some money.

  1. Do not forget your taxes

If you are moving for work purposes, moving costs are usually tax-deductible. When you are filing your taxes in the spring, do not forget to deduct your move expenses so that you can save a bit of money.

  1. Settle into the new location

Usually, after a long-distance move comes with getting acquainted with the new location and calling it home. It may take a while to know your new neighbors and discover the great spots around, but what you can do is get out more and experience the whole place. Check out for places you can have fun online, join a club where you can meet people, register at a gym, and insert yourself into your new community. Participate in the activities that interest you and if you have kids, interact with other parents at their new school. In no time, the new city will become yours.


With these tips, you should not get it wrong with hiring a professional long-distance mover. Check out the best moving companies in San Diego to hire a mover, find out about them, check their ratings, licenses, and feedback. Once everything is in place, your move should go smoothly without any hitches or problems.


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