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Licensed & Insured Movers

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Call for any phase of moving project you need. We have professional packers, movers and trucks, or storage in our private San Diego facility all at your disposal. Free on-location quotes, moving materials and more for home or business moves. Moving all of San Diego including the coastal cities of Oceanside, Encinitas and Carlsbad.


If you ask your friends about their experience with ‘professional’ movers, you will hear a number of horror and scary stories such as “the mover got lost in transit with your things,” “the customer care has not been returning your calls,” “your belongings are being held hostage by the mover,” “the mover showed up 24 hours late.” And if all these are anything to go by, it is enough to discourage you from hiring a professional mover to move your things. One thing is certain; however, the above will increase the chances of happening if you go for a cheap mover. Suffice to say hiring a cheap mover is an invitation to unending risks. The rule of thumb is, you get what you pay for.

So, when making the decision on which professional mover to go for, endeavor to consider the necessary factors and ask the pertinent question. Ensure that all things considered inform your final decision, but never let money be a decider.

Some factors and questions to ask include;

  1. Previous experience with your specific type of move
  2. What kind of liability coverage does the company provide?
  3. Is the company properly licensed?

The question about the company’s license is the most important for the reason stated below;

Do you know what the phrase “licensed, bonded and insured by” means?


When a company is licensed, it is legally certified to conduct business in its current city or state, and there is a licensed number to prove this. As a matter of fact, moving companies should publicly display their license number on their trucks, website and business card. The importance of a licensed mover cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the fact that you need it to lodge a complaint against the company if a problem arises, the number also allows you to track your belongings. A licensed mover in every sense minimizes risk and gives you a degree of assurance over your properties. Should a mishap occur, you know where to look and what direction to lodge your complaints.


When a business is bonded, it is said to mean that the business has set aside some money with a bonding company in case a claim is filed against the business. No one in the company is in control of the money; it is there in case a claim or complaint filed against the business.


Insurance is a means of indemnity against a future occurrence of an uncertain event. A company is said to be insured if it has money set aside in the form of premium in anticipation of an unfavorable event. Such money can be used as a settlement. A business can have insurance in place for itself and its assets as well as customers and clients.

You now know what it means to be licensed, bonded, and insured do you want to know why you should hire licensed and insured moving and storage company movers?

  1. By using a Licensed and Insured mover, you are more likely to avoid scams

As much as a seller claims to sell only quality products, it is left for the buyer to find out and decide if the product is truly a high-quality product to buying a low-quality product or falling for a hit and run experience. There are several movers around who are happy to make you part with your hard-earned money in exchange for a horrible moving service. By going for a licensed mover, you are reducing by a significant percentage, the chances of you getting scammed.

  1. Licensed movers have everything at stake.

“Ensure that whoever you do business with also has a personal stake in the outcome.”

A licensed mover whose license number is made public will do all that is within his power to ensure that every piece of business he does goes well. The more business he does that goes well; the more credibility it adds to his business name. And if a complaint is ever filed against the business, it in a way will affect future businesses and contracts.

Also, because the moving company has invested a lot in getting state approval, Department of Transportation (DOT) permits and all other licensing and paper works, one wrong turn in business could see all that go away. And nobody wants to see their business reduced to nothing — another reason why it is advisable to hire a licensed mover.

  1. Licensed movers uphold certain minimum standards

Every licensed mover by virtue of their license and registration belong to a union with other movers. Pricing, conduct, standard, and discipline are some of the functions of the union. With this, there is a generally accepted practice among all professional movers in every city-state.

  1. They provide recourse for damage.

This is where insurance comes to play. Having insurance is one of the major requirements for getting a license as a mover as stipulated in the Department of Transportation code. With an up to date insurance scheme, this covers risk on the side of the mover and you the client. In case any item gets damaged or missing while in transit or as a result of a mishap or accident, the insurance covers this loss, leaving no room for unnecessary complaints or filing of charges.

  1. The danger of extortion and theft in nonexistent

The risk of approaching a rogue and un licensed mover is that you might be extorted and have your property stolen. The worst part of this is you have nobody to report because the business is unregistered and nonexistent. But with a licensed mover, the reverse is the case. You can always report the license number and expect the authority to take up the case to a realistic conclusion favorable to you.


A licensed moving company will not only ease your stress; it will also keep your mind at rest throughout the moving process and it is the only way for you to guarantee that your things will reach the destination safely in one piece.

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